At YX Ball Financial we are experts in the area of Defined Benefit Superannuation Schemes. Over the years we have helped thousands of clients maximise their defined benefit entitlements through our personalised strategies and tailored advice.

ESS Super
Revised Scheme

ESS Super Revised Scheme

The Revised Scheme is a defined benefit Superannuation scheme in which there may be a huge financial advantage from resignation at 54-11 just before normal retirement currently age 55. It was introduced in 1975 by amendments to the Superannuation Act of 1958 and has been closed to new members since 30 June 1988. Revised Scheme provides retirement, resignation, retrenchment, death and disability benefits for permanent employees who were members of the Scheme and employed prior to 1 July 1988 by the Victorian Public Service, the Teaching Service and other participating agencies.

Points to consider are:

  • Are you salary packaging your Revised Scheme Contribution?
  • How much more could 54-11 be worth to you?
  • What effect will your Time Fraction have on your final benefit?
  • You have the option of converting part of your pension into a cash lump sum, under what circumstances would this be appropriate and how is it done?
  • There are a number of benefit options available at 54-11. Which one best suits you?

ESS Super
New Scheme

ESS Super New Scheme

This is a defined benefit lump sum scheme. It was introduced in 1988 by amendments to the State Superannuation Act of 1988 and has been closed to new members since 31 December 1993. New Scheme members receive a defined benefit based on their length of recognised service and average salary. The defined benefit calculation also takes into account periods of leave without pay, part-time service and prior service.

Points to consider are:

  • Are you salary packaging your New Scheme Contribution?
  • Are you contributing to the maximum level allowed?
  • What effect will your Time Fraction have on your final benefit?
  • There is no pension benefit within the New Scheme. It is a lump sum only benefit.
  • Lump sum can be rolled over into an alternate Superannuation Fund completely tax free upon resignation/retirement.



The least common Defined Benefit scheme offered through the ESSS opened in 1980 and closed in June 1988. The SERB scheme was available mainly to School Support Officers and other members of staff that were not eligible to join the Revised Scheme. This scheme also comprises a pension and lump sum benefit.

We can also assist clients with many other Defined Benefit Schemes in the Australian superannuation market.

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Although I live 400km from Melbourne it has been so easy to deal with Ion and his team. They have answered every one of my queries, no matter how minor, promptly and professionally.

- Marion B.

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Client Testimonial

I first saw Ion Whykes in 2006 after he was recommended to me by a teaching colleague.

Initially I was only after some general advice with regard to salary sacrificing, but found Ion to be so knowledgeable, caring and helpful that I decided to follow his advice and accept his recommendations. Although I live 400km from Melbourne it has been so easy to deal with Ion and his team. They have answered every one of my queries, no matter how minor, promptly and professionally.

As I have a very limited understanding of the financial world, I have really appreciated the guidance and support I have received from Ion. From our first meeting, I have found Ion to be approachable and very understanding and I believe he has my best interests at heart. He explains things in an easy to understand way and I am grateful for the detailed, personal financial advice he has given me and the changes he has made to my salary sacrificing, superannuation and investment arrangements.

As I near the end of my full-time working life, I feel reassured that I will be financially comfortable for the rest of my life and that my financial arrangements are in safe hands.

- Marion B.

Client Testimonial

Since retiring in 1999 Ion has been our trusted financial advisor.

Coming from an Education background, his knowledge regarding superannuation was outstanding and he was able to explain its implications for us in easy to understand terms free from money-market jargon. He developed an investment strategy around our personal goals and this has withstood the test of difficult times in the financial world. This portfolio is a well-integrated and diversified investment plan across all asset classes.

We trust his advice and meet with him yearly to review, adjust and fine tune our investments in light of our changing circumstances. Ion always keeps an open line of communication with us so that we always know where we stand.

We have appreciated the support, guidance and hands-on approach Ion has provided us.

- Gary and Wendy B.

Client Testimonial

Following my initial consultation some 14 years ago, Ion provided me with several written options for my personal situation which he thoroughly and carefully explained. He then answered any of my questions and allowed me the time to decide on which option I would take.

I felt and still feel extremely confident in his ability to ensure that my best financial interests continue to be a priority in his thinking.

Ion takes a personable approach to each of our annual reviews and when necessary makes appropriate suggestions for altering my portfolio to my benefit. I have had no qualms in recommending Ion to many friends and colleagues who are in need of financial advice.

- Helen C.

Client Testimonial

We have found Ion Whykes to be a financial advisor who:

- Graeme and Libby S.

Client Testimonial

Ion Whykes has been our financial advisor for sixteen years - and what a marvellous difference this has made to our financial situation, and consequently, our lifestyle.

Ion is very knowledgeable about salary packaging, ESSSuper, private super and Government Aged entitlements and as teachers (now retired) each of these has been very important to us at different stages in our journey with Ion.

He is a most "on the ball", approachable financial advisor and a man of great integrity.

- Glenice & Ian W.

Client Testimonial

The confidence and support Ion and his team have provided to us to ensure our investments meet our future needs has been outstanding.

Ion, as our personal advisor, provides sound financial advice in his quiet manner. Ion and the staff of YX Ball are always available when we have a query.

We became clients after recommendations of friends and we have no hesitation in also recommending Ion and YX Ball to potential investors.

- Clive and Rae W.

Client Testimonial

My wife and I have been with Sam since 2005, through a challenging financial period.

Not only have we come out OK, we have ALWAYS been treated with consideration, thoughtfulness and as individuals, not a number or just another client.

We would recommend Sam to anyone who wants an intelligent, kind and thoughtful advisor ... not an easy combination to find!

- David and Pauline W.

Client Testimonial

Michael is a thorough and professional Financial Planner.

He always puts my interests first, and provides balanced advice to help me make investment decisions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Michael as a Financial Planner.

- Nick C.

Client Testimonial

Michael is professional in all aspects of his role and displays a genuine interest in the plans I have made for my retirement, including unexpected events.

He is also very patient and explains options slowly and clearly.

- Ann O.